Ten years? How did that happen?

August 4, 2009, about ten years ago, was my mom’s 70th birthday, and for her birthday, I made her a website to keep all her family recipes.

It became a project: The Mom Food Project.

I got some press at Oakland Magazine and my alma mater’s publication. and I got to go to BlogHer Food for free in exchange for doing a little liveblogging there. It was fun and exciting.

Then I got busy with school, and got my degree, and got promoted at work, and stopped updating the blog.

A couple years later, I went on the blog to look for a recipe and discovered that alllllll my blog posts had been sprinkled liberally with sex spam — there was literally not one post of mine left untouched. And by this time, I had moved webhosting services, so I had no idea how to recover my blog. And I cried. And I took the site down. And walked away.

Since then, I have thought about reviving the blog by either retyping all the posts or starting from scratch, and I’ve felt overwhelmed. So I enlisted some help.

Next weekend, after I shake off this cold, The Kid and I will be working on the first recipe in the new Mom Food Project. She will be picking the recipes, at least a lot of the time, and helping with the photography, which is my least favorite part. I will be doing most of the cooking, but she will probably help with that. We are going to streamline and make the recipes the stars, so there won’t be long, wordy essay posts this time.

Um, except this one.

Stay tuned.