Welcome to The Mom Food Project

On my mom's birthday in 2009, I started The Mom Food Project blog as a way to preserve my mother's wonderful recipes. When I went back to college in 2011, I slowed down posting. And then in 2017, I discovered that some awful person or persons had hacked my WordPress account and added sex spam to every page. I deleted the blog and tossed it aside in disappointed for a long time.

You can see an old version of the blog on the Wayback Machine.

While I was blogless, I missed being able to refer to the recipes, especially the ones of my mom's, the ones I'd grown up on.

After a few months of moping, I decided the thing to do for now was to repost just mom's recipes, stripped of all the bloggy verbiage, just as a basic cookbook of my mother's food heritage. Someday, I may do something fancier, but for now, this feels right.


Mom Food basics

Appetizers, salads, and sides